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Life has been crazy for the past year with everything that has gone on in my life as well as the world; sorry for being away for so long. But, people have often been asking about activities regarding privilege and social justice, so I thought I would put my favorite go to here for folks to check out. If you have one that you want to share, please do! I may add more soon. Perhaps I’ll even create a section for them for others to utilize….

This one is called Tapped Into Privilege. It always reminds me of a student I had once named Charlie. I had been using this activity for years and he was the first one to use his power to tap others out of oppression instead of laughing at others or furthering the oppression with his own actions. Very impressive in my eyes for a 18 year old white college male. He continued to be a fantastic young man his four years on campus, doing MANY fantastic things.

Basically it’s a short activity that enable all participants to have an experience with power and privilege and the ability for them to overcome that power in a short activity, and a debrief.
The facilitator lays out the three rules:
1. No talking
2. No laughing
3. No moving
All the participants are told to remain in a kneeling position with their eyes closed. When they are tapped once, they are to repeat the rules. When they are tapped twice, they can stand. When they are tapped three times they are free to do as they wish.
A very basic layout, but all sorts of things can happen. You have to be cautious with this activity due to physical limitations with some participants, and you won’t be able to tell with all folks. I use the two taps with these folks early on so their knees aren’t buckling.
Sometimes the students will start tapping and abusing the power they end up having once they get three taps, some will tap everyone else. It’s spurs a great conversation regarding the place & seat of power and who really has it.
My favorite question to ask is to see why they listened to me with such ridiculous rules and how this is mirrored in society.

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