I Am (a poem)

I am forts in the woods.
I am long days in my room after scare-ing and scaring my mom.
I am theater and football; FUBU& fishnets.
I am a brother, lover, son, friend & mentor.
I am multiculturally white.
I am an anti-racist educator; education for all.
Working in solidarity with my sisters, brothers, mothers & fathers.
I am scraped knees & t-ball; before we ALL won.
I am a Cocky Nole repping 2 schools.
I am a product of a single, reduced lunch, Pell grant receiving family;
Middlesexualities; like Jeffrey Eugenides
I grew up confused.
Decidedly masculine in my femininity; advocate for all.
I am a snowflake upon blacktop; falling softly in solidarity.
I. Am. Here.

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