Ignite Change AEE 2011


Igniting Change: Social Justice in Facilitation


Presented at the Association for Experiential Education Conference in November 2011



Welcome! I truly hope that you enjoyed our time that we spent together at AEE in Jacksonville. On this page you will find all of the activities we participated in during the presentation for your use. In addition, my presentation is available for your use, as well as the resources I discussed. Please feel free to share these resources and add to them if you so wish! E-mail me and I will be sure to put it up!
As always. Stay the course, keep tapping people.

Here are some of the resources and activities I discussed in the activity:


Five Finger Model FVC

Worksheet Given at Presentation

Cultural Knowledges & Beliefs Assessment

Who I Am Poems

White Privilege Checklist

Tapped Into Social Justice

The Innovation Diffusion Game


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